how it works


Back in the early days of business, Moonlight Fun Casinos quickly realised, that for a perfect event … you need perfect planning! So before we offer our services and give you a quote, we would like to discuss the event with you. You can let us know what you’ve arranged, or have in mind and we can explain in detail, how we work, our terms and conditions, plus answer your questions and make any appropriate suggestions, etc. This information, along with a quote, will be put together in the form of a letter and sent to you.  You then have something to refer to, while you make your decision. contact us page.

At this point I should say that the DATE of your function is the most important piece of information that we need.  We don’t want to quote for a date that we’re not available for!

Very simply, the Casino operates its games for an agreed amount of time, usually about 2-3 hours (guide).  When the Casino closes, the player who has amassed the most chips and notes, is the ‘Winner’.

We know from experience that for the Casino to operate successfully and to its full potential, we have to ensure that the ratio of ‘Tables to Guests’ is correct, which varies slightly according to the type of function you are staging. The more information you give us regarding your event, the easier it will be for us to advise you on the amount of Tables you will need. We also provide you with personalised ‘Fun Money’ notes for your guests. These are paper notes, which Guests will be able to exchange for chips at the ‘Tables’. They can include a special message, photos, theme, company logo, etc.

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When we arrive at your venue, we’ll set-up our Tables and give the Fun Money to you, or someone you’ve nominated, to distribute to your guests, who can then use it to play at the tables.

Our Casino Tables will open at the allotted time, and play will commence.

At the end of the night, we’ll find the Winner and you can award your prize.  We’ll also return the notes to you and your guests, so that you all have a souvenir from the evening.

Please note that all of our quotes include personalised Fun Money notes, We also carry full company public liability insurance.