Corporate Casino Nights

Moonlight Fun Casinos can offer you a first class, corporate  ‘Casino Night’ at the venue of your choice. Through several years of experience, we are able to plan and co-ordinate a Casino event to suit each individual client’s requirements.

Would you like to entertain your clients, or celebrate a successful year with your staff? Maybe your company wants something unique to put the finishing touch to a conference, seminar or team bonding experience?  Whichever it is, we have the answer!

Like most of the companies we do business with, we have a ‘Company Ethos’ that we work toward and a ’Corporate Identity’ to make us recognizable.  We understand the significance of employing these strategies. Together, they send a powerful message to both clients and competitors, announcing what our company does and more importantly … how we do it!

We specialise in offering a professional personal service to all our clients and will work with you to accommodate any special requests, to ensure that your Casino event is run smoothly and efficiently. We can provide you and your guests with the perfect entertainment for the perfect evening.

Our management team and staff are well versed in the art of diplomacy and customer care.  Many have worked their way around the World, dealing across the Gaming Tables to a varied selection of VIP’s and celebrities.

Customised ‘Fun Money’, with your name and company logo comes as standard.  We also have connections with other companies and entertainers that provide complimentary services to ourselves.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of staging a Corporate Casino event for your Clients, Management or Staff, whether it be for business or fun, please feel free to contact us to discuss the details, or use our online enquiry form, or contact us page.